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Shelley Truck Powers

It seems that trouble has come up with the Toyota motors for inventing so many models at one time. The news states that the motor company is planning to recall over the 800,000 Avalon, Camry and Venza models due to certain technological issues and air conditions units. This has been frustrating for both the motor company and the customers as well. Looking at such a mishap it seems that the company is going to bare a big loss in coming years.
The news which says it all
It seems that more than 4000 vehicles have been declared for the voluntary recall and the owners who have such vehicles would be informed about the same via mail. There have been certain issues with regards to the cylinder engines and valve springs that gave been braking over a particular span of time. Due to lack of maintainance and not so good manufacturing equipment, it seems that Toyota is in big trouble.
Toyota Camry: It is one of the best fuel efficient models which was designed and is said to be the good one that runs on the road. It comes with the features like
Hybrid version
Fuel efficiency
13-14 km/l under normal driving style
Powerful petrol engine
Multi point fuel injection supply system
The Toyota Avalon: It is another popular full size car which was introduced by Toyota in the United States. The car was replaced later by Toyota Avalon in November 2006. It was also introduced in Australia, Canada and Middle East as well.
The Toyota Venza: This is another amazing car with features like good cargo capacity and plenty of storage nooks with better seating arrangements. It is another all-wheel drive which has got four-cylinder engine.
Though Toyota has designed all these models with great car, but it seems that it failed to gain popularity among the customers for the technologies issues. Now all we can do is hope for the best and wait for the next step that the company might plan to take.

One of the popular icons called the Holden Commodore Ute is soon going to stop its production.This could become a part of the history for a fact that its sales has been falling since quite a longtime due to which company has deiced to called it an end. Right from the pickup truck to other cars, the falling sales has been highlighted on the market. Due to which the product has been slipped to 31 percent.
Know the News
Though the news has not yet been declared officially, but it seems, that the automakers are going to continued manufacturing the production till the year 2016 and then call it a quit. Other than this, they will also adopt to vehicle platforms. However, the current net assets are less than 10 new vehicles have been delivered in Australia though it is cheap for labors, but the quality was not up to the mark. The company could not cope up with the increasing consumption need.
It is one of the popular automobile manufactured companies which have been producing vehicles since the year 1978. The car has managed to release some of the popular models like Opel and Kingwood and provide dot be the future generation.
Some of the Popular releases
Chevrolet Lumina
Chevrolet Omega
Opel Calais
Pontiac G8
Chevrolet SS
Though there were so many rivalries, but the car manager to give a tough competition ion the year 1988 and was considered as the full size falcome. Now let us hope that the company would soon emerge as one of the best again after new inventions. If not then, it would become a history in automobile vehicles that was ever manufactured and prove out to be a beneficent manufacturer. So cross your fingers and hope that it comes up with some of the unique concepts soon.

Nissan Pathfinder has been in demand from a long time now and the crossover vehicle is all set to break records. The SUV is much acclaimed for its classy interiors and an undoubtedly good mileage. This midsize SUV offers good space and interior furnishing to provide an airy feel. The car enthusiasts may feel that it is not all and all driver’s car, but still it has much to offer to those who love feature loaded passenger’s car. Though the car manufacturer has taken care of passenger’s comfort well, the long distance comfort of seat may still seem on the lower side.
Know more about Nissan Pathfinder
The SUV is mainly known by its performance and Nissan has also worked hard on this aspect. The automatic transmission is offered with continuously variable speed, but it is not appreciated by all. The powerful V6 engine may provide the torque up to 240 ft-lbs @ 4400 rpm and the horsepower of 260 hp @ 6400 rpm. The 3.5 L engine offers the mileage of 20 to 26 mpg with the fuel tank capacity of 19.5 gal. The performance of the SUV is quite good, but cannot be rated as best.
The seven seater SUV is meant for comfort and hence there are features like adjustable height seat, manual lumbar support for driver seat and bucket front seats offered by the manufacturer. The reclining rear seats with the split folding back may be another step by the manufacturer to offer comfort backed by convenience. The features like cruise control, tilt steering, three zone climate control and many such features come as standard in this SUV.
The above reasons may surely prove the point about why this SUV is popular, but still Nissan needs to continue innovating on features as competition in this segment is going to be tough.

When the name of some of the top car manufacturing companies of the world is taken then name of Ford comes among the top five. Some of the models built by Ford are so popular among the people that they are unable to meet the rising the demands of the people. One such model which Ford is unable to build as demanded by the people is F-150 SVT Raptor. It has become one of the most reliable trucks in the market.f-150-raptor

Some facts about the sale of the car

f-150-raptorThrough the vehicle is so popular among the people it has to wait at least 15 days at the dealer’s showroom before it is finally sold. The actual reason is unknown to both the dealers and the people of the company.
According to the marketing manager of Ford it is the Raptor’s strong capability that has helped in the enhancement of the sales figures.
The most obvious reason that has resulted in the growth of sale is the high quality off road performance that is offered by the car.
The price of the car is also not that high. Thus almost all the people can own a car of their own.
The best thing about the car is that it has been able to continuously meet the expectations of the people. As it has the ability to accustom itself with the evolving needs of the customers its demand has increased.

The sale of the car has increased greatly this year. The best thing about the car is that it is able to offer a lot of economy in terms of fuel. With the price of the fuel raising the people have been able to get some relief by buying this truck. The car runs about 11 miles in the city and about 16 miles on the highway with 1 gallon gas.

Diesel Tundra from Toyota

It is more than fifteen years that Toyota represented the T100 in the auto market. b Since then on the truck evolved around Tundra, which was considered to be the full size American pickup model. Then after years of testing the auto market, and the need to introduce an economy pickup truck that not only saves money on maintenance but also on fuel, the brand decided to make Tundra into a diesel one and made some few changes to its appearance.

Toyota has been criticized for the Tundra’s conservative design and performance, now the automaker is mulling over the addition of the new engine that would go way farther. Let’s have a look at what this new Toyota toy has got.b

Bold Exterior
A new level of style that has bold grille, latest features and refined interior that helps you arrive in a style. Whether it is a family night, a meeting with a new client or a date night – Tundra handles well.

Now this legendary engine delivers 381 hp that matches well with a 6 speed automatic transmission. For a heavy duty towing it is the best combination.

Five Colors
The new Tundra is not just fuel efficient pickup truck but honed with the touch of the luxury to toughness. It is available in five distinct shades that are Black, Metallic Grey, Midnight Blue and Copper Brown.

Toyota’s Tundra has striven to match the customers’ expectations therefore it is designed with many good features and package. If you want to have a vehicle where no compromise is done than Tundra is the one to go for. Test drive and you would know the difference, right from its look to performance on the road. It features with the more chiseled look, brilliant in performance and fuel efficient.

Chevrolet Silverado is all new – sleek, stylish, comfort, powerful, and gives you out of the world driving experience. The company has surely done the homework this time while designing this classy chic car. This next generation Chevrolet Silverado is all set to lure the new buyers with all new bells and whistles. 2011-callaway-silverado-rear-three-quarter-1024x640

This supercharger vehicle was designed by Callaway, precisely attuned to comply with GM’s 2014 electronic standards such as active fuel management, continuous variable valve timing, controlled direct injection and several engine functions. All this not only enhance the driving and the performance of the car but retains the factory warranties.

Callaway Makeover
Callaway is one of the most renowned car customizer and they have brilliantly shown that they know exactly what a car needs to stand exclusive. While they are associating their name to the current Chevrolet Silverado, you can expect this one to be supreme in every element such as performance, speed, pickup, interiors and much more. With Callaway name behind, you rest assured to be never disappointed with this new car.

Lots Of Horse Power Please
Yes please, you can expect a lot of horsepower in this car brand. Callaway’s foremost up grade on this car is to boost up its horsepower. With the additional super chargers, it is expected to cross 450 for 5.3L and 540 horsepower in 6.2L which is practically surprising. These superchargers have let smaller engines to become powerful and give power packed performance along with keeping the fuel efficiency in mind.

The Visual Changes
This sport truck will be coming with the Callaway badges on the grills and the doors along with 9 spoke custom alloy wheels. The color options are great and everything including the size and the shape is new. The pricing is yet to be finalized.

Infiniti, one of the leading car manufacturers have decided to change the name of the entire array of cars that they produce.  But the models haven’t undergone many changes when compared to the previous years. Only some changes have been made in the content of the car. Slight changes have been also made in the dimensions of the car.

Price changes in the new models

The QX80 that will be available in the market will cost $62,345. This car was formerly known as QX65. The car is available in two versions. The mentioned price is for the rear-drive model while the cost of the all-wheel-drive model will be slightly more. It will cost around $65,445 which will also include $995 as the destination charges.
There has been a good amount of reduction in the price of 2014 QX50. The car was previously sold as EX37 in the market. The cost of the car has been reduced by significant $2500. This is valid for all the models of the car. The people can now get a rear-drive model of the car at just $35,435. If the person wants to upgrade to the AWD model then he will have to pay $36,795. The full version of the rear-drive model can be obtained at $39,145, whatever the model you choose you have to pay $995 as the destination.

The QX80 has been able to catch the eye of the people. It has become a favorite SUV because of its size. It also has a good combination of power and capability. Every aspect of the car has been refined to offer the best driving experience to the people who will be buying it. The engine is of the V8 technology and has a capacity of 5.6 liter and can produce a torque of 413 lb-ft.

There are many of us who remember the Berlin Wall standing. Few of us will be also able to recall with ease those days when Arnold Schwarzenegger was still nothing more than an action hero. If this is the case then it would not be also much difficult for us to remember the Callaway C4 Corvettes. They were common in the road during the 1980s and 1990s.

This scenario prevailed before Chevrolet built their first Corvette. Before that Callaway used to perform the task of turbo charging one of the wonders by Chevrolet. It was thus easy for them to gain the reputation of being the leader that determined the performance of the Corvette. The company has still continued to tune these special cars but lately they have expanded a bit.  They are now designing great performance packages and parts for the trucks and SUVs that are being manufactured by the famous car manufacturing company General Motors.

Let’s have a look at the contents of this much awaited package.



The contents of the new package

The most significant change has been seen in the engine. It will have a capacity of 6.2 liter. The technology behind the engine will be EcoTec3 and it will be of V8 type.
For the 5.3 liter engine the performance will be 450 hp. While for the 6.2 liter engine it will be 540 hp. According to Callaway either if these engines will be incorporated in Sierra or Silverado.
The company has also many stand-alone types of equipment that can enhance the performance of the cars. Among them are the DD exhaust and the Honker air intake systems.

If you are willing to get you car upgraded then you can take it to a service center that has been authorized by Callaway. They have also announced that they are working on the development of a new package for 2014 Chevrolet Silverado.

The Nissan Titan is a kind of full-size pickup truck market produced for North American market by Nissan which is introduced in the year 2004.  Whenever it comes to the trucks, there are many companies which have actually carved out niche for them in such segment. These American trucks come with evolutionary updates including various body styles, latest technology and fuel-efficient engines. All these titan models incorporate 32 Valve 5.6 L engines that intelligently produce 317 hp and 385 ft lb.ft of torque. It is fully equipped with boxed ladder frame which is available in either rear wheel coupled with 5-speed RE505A automatic transmission.

Additional Features of Nissan Titan Trucks:

Navigation system
Bluetooth hands free
DVD player with screen
Side airbags
Sunroof and traction functionality
Lockable bedside storage box
Rear sonar warning system
Power adjustable pedals
Flexible fuel vehicle
168 degree king cab rear door openings

About Models

Here, you can also find out 4 models including S, SV, Pro-4x and SL where S is basic model, SV is mid-level model, Pro-4x is off-road-oriented version and SL is completely filled with high end luxurious features. The new truck model offers enhanced unique range of power trains as well as body-styles including a Regular Cab option. Keep yourself up-to-date with latest details about new Titan debuts and simply move Nissan’s truck up from bottom-of-the-pack status.

All titans’ models & equipments are available with automatic brake limited slip (ABLS) functionality. The Nissan Titan trucks are also available as King Cab or a Crew Cab with a full size back seat. Here, the King Cab has 6’7″ bed while the Crew Cab has 5’7″ or 8’bed. Titan truck has not yet received any sort of update in nearly ten years but this going to be change as new & unique truck is knocked down to debut for 2015 year. This new Titan comes with revised design from which some of them are supported by bug-eyed front fascia of this mule.

Hino Diesel Electric Hybrid Truck

Hino Diesel Electric Hybrid Truck – Conquering the roads with style
The history conquers again
Hino Motors is really well known from 1910 for its colorful history and also diesel trucks and buses all over the world. This Japanese company has been ruling over the manufacturing of diesel trucks for the past 32 years with its amazing designs and models which are really helpful in carrying goods no matter how heavy they are. It manufactured its models in such a way that they provided an ease and enjoyment to drive for the owner in a comfortable manner.
Capacity and comfort levels
The two new models of the year 2013 by Hino have mind blowing electric and diesel storage features.  The best thing about these two conventional models is that it helps you to have a very comfortable and soothing journey because of its seating styles and vehicle designs.
Class 6: This model of the truck has features like 238 HP along with 258 ALP which provides reliability and economic fuel saver. Apart from this, it also has specially designed air brakes and a cubic capacity vehicle holder.
Class 7: This series of Hino Is very ideal and also durable for a long time. It helps in transferring of goods and is easy to move in congested and market places due to its size and design.
The future is with Hino Diesel Trucks

These diesel and electric trucks are really eco-friendly and also have a 33 inch frame rail width along with a rare fuel tank in the center. Not only that it contains a 56,900 psi frame which makes the trucks visibility look elegant with beautiful curves and aerodynamic features. It makes loading and un-loading of goods easy and quick. So, it is the best vehicle in the industry which undoubtedly has gained a lot of fame because of its hard work and innovations.