Chevrolet Silverado is all new – sleek, stylish, comfort, powerful, and gives you out of the world driving experience. The company has surely done the homework this time while designing this classy chic car. This next generation Chevrolet Silverado is all set to lure the new buyers with all new bells and whistles. 2011-callaway-silverado-rear-three-quarter-1024x640

This supercharger vehicle was designed by Callaway, precisely attuned to comply with GM’s 2014 electronic standards such as active fuel management, continuous variable valve timing, controlled direct injection and several engine functions. All this not only enhance the driving and the performance of the car but retains the factory warranties.

Callaway Makeover
Callaway is one of the most renowned car customizer and they have brilliantly shown that they know exactly what a car needs to stand exclusive. While they are associating their name to the current Chevrolet Silverado, you can expect this one to be supreme in every element such as performance, speed, pickup, interiors and much more. With Callaway name behind, you rest assured to be never disappointed with this new car.

Lots Of Horse Power Please
Yes please, you can expect a lot of horsepower in this car brand. Callaway’s foremost up grade on this car is to boost up its horsepower. With the additional super chargers, it is expected to cross 450 for 5.3L and 540 horsepower in 6.2L which is practically surprising. These superchargers have let smaller engines to become powerful and give power packed performance along with keeping the fuel efficiency in mind.

The Visual Changes
This sport truck will be coming with the Callaway badges on the grills and the doors along with 9 spoke custom alloy wheels. The color options are great and everything including the size and the shape is new. The pricing is yet to be finalized.