There are many of us who remember the Berlin Wall standing. Few of us will be also able to recall with ease those days when Arnold Schwarzenegger was still nothing more than an action hero. If this is the case then it would not be also much difficult for us to remember the Callaway C4 Corvettes. They were common in the road during the 1980s and 1990s.

This scenario prevailed before Chevrolet built their first Corvette. Before that Callaway used to perform the task of turbo charging one of the wonders by Chevrolet. It was thus easy for them to gain the reputation of being the leader that determined the performance of the Corvette. The company has still continued to tune these special cars but lately they have expanded a bit.  They are now designing great performance packages and parts for the trucks and SUVs that are being manufactured by the famous car manufacturing company General Motors.

Let’s have a look at the contents of this much awaited package.



The contents of the new package

The most significant change has been seen in the engine. It will have a capacity of 6.2 liter. The technology behind the engine will be EcoTec3 and it will be of V8 type.
For the 5.3 liter engine the performance will be 450 hp. While for the 6.2 liter engine it will be 540 hp. According to Callaway either if these engines will be incorporated in Sierra or Silverado.
The company has also many stand-alone types of equipment that can enhance the performance of the cars. Among them are the DD exhaust and the Honker air intake systems.

If you are willing to get you car upgraded then you can take it to a service center that has been authorized by Callaway. They have also announced that they are working on the development of a new package for 2014 Chevrolet Silverado.