Infiniti, one of the leading car manufacturers have decided to change the name of the entire array of cars that they produce.  But the models haven’t undergone many changes when compared to the previous years. Only some changes have been made in the content of the car. Slight changes have been also made in the dimensions of the car.

Price changes in the new models

The QX80 that will be available in the market will cost $62,345. This car was formerly known as QX65. The car is available in two versions. The mentioned price is for the rear-drive model while the cost of the all-wheel-drive model will be slightly more. It will cost around $65,445 which will also include $995 as the destination charges.
There has been a good amount of reduction in the price of 2014 QX50. The car was previously sold as EX37 in the market. The cost of the car has been reduced by significant $2500. This is valid for all the models of the car. The people can now get a rear-drive model of the car at just $35,435. If the person wants to upgrade to the AWD model then he will have to pay $36,795. The full version of the rear-drive model can be obtained at $39,145, whatever the model you choose you have to pay $995 as the destination.

The QX80 has been able to catch the eye of the people. It has become a favorite SUV because of its size. It also has a good combination of power and capability. Every aspect of the car has been refined to offer the best driving experience to the people who will be buying it. The engine is of the V8 technology and has a capacity of 5.6 liter and can produce a torque of 413 lb-ft.