Wrightspeed Route is a technology that boosts of preserving the truck’s chassis and bodies. It helps fleet owners to minimize its capital cost and the frequency of trucks replacement causing substantial addition to their operational cost. Wrightspeed Route has made it affordable for the company to address the needs of the new medium-duty truck markets, which has an average of thirty thousand miles yearly.  With new Wrightspeed, this new players in the truck industry will have the opportunity to save more fuel and share the fuel-economy concept with the truck industry.

What makes Wrightspeed Route outstanding is that it does not limit truck operators with range limitations. It has an on-board generator that has the capacity to charge the 40 mile battery while on the road. It has impressive and varying torque to every necessary wheel turn allowing the engine to work as REV power train. The Route is developed to save aging fleets and maintains the total-cost- to operate at the lowest average as well as reduced the maintenance cost.

Maya Gianini of Wrightspeed declares the Route as having the best of both world assuring that it combines Electric vehicle’s efficiency and the unlimited range of hybrid vehicles. It can run on diesel, natural gas and even on landfill gases. In fact, according to Gianini, the Route serves the best of three worlds to fleet operators on a silver platter.

Wrightspeed Route had a successful Ride and Drive public demonstration at the 2012 ACT Expo held in Long Beach California on May 16, 2012.