It is more than fifteen years that Toyota represented the T100 in the auto market. b Since then on the truck evolved around Tundra, which was considered to be the full size American pickup model. Then after years of testing the auto market, and the need to introduce an economy pickup truck that not only saves money on maintenance but also on fuel, the brand decided to make Tundra into a diesel one and made some few changes to its appearance.

Toyota has been criticized for the Tundra’s conservative design and performance, now the automaker is mulling over the addition of the new engine that would go way farther. Let’s have a look at what this new Toyota toy has got.b

Bold Exterior
A new level of style that has bold grille, latest features and refined interior that helps you arrive in a style. Whether it is a family night, a meeting with a new client or a date night – Tundra handles well.

Now this legendary engine delivers 381 hp that matches well with a 6 speed automatic transmission. For a heavy duty towing it is the best combination.

Five Colors
The new Tundra is not just fuel efficient pickup truck but honed with the touch of the luxury to toughness. It is available in five distinct shades that are Black, Metallic Grey, Midnight Blue and Copper Brown.

Toyota’s Tundra has striven to match the customers’ expectations therefore it is designed with many good features and package. If you want to have a vehicle where no compromise is done than Tundra is the one to go for. Test drive and you would know the difference, right from its look to performance on the road. It features with the more chiseled look, brilliant in performance and fuel efficient.