It seems that trouble has come up with the Toyota motors for inventing so many models at one time. The news states that the motor company is planning to recall over the 800,000 Avalon, Camry and Venza models due to certain technological issues and air conditions units. This has been frustrating for both the motor company and the customers as well. Looking at such a mishap it seems that the company is going to bare a big loss in coming years.
The news which says it all
It seems that more than 4000 vehicles have been declared for the voluntary recall and the owners who have such vehicles would be informed about the same via mail. There have been certain issues with regards to the cylinder engines and valve springs that gave been braking over a particular span of time. Due to lack of maintainance and not so good manufacturing equipment, it seems that Toyota is in big trouble.
Toyota Camry: It is one of the best fuel efficient models which was designed and is said to be the good one that runs on the road. It comes with the features like
Hybrid version
Fuel efficiency
13-14 km/l under normal driving style
Powerful petrol engine
Multi point fuel injection supply system
The Toyota Avalon: It is another popular full size car which was introduced by Toyota in the United States. The car was replaced later by Toyota Avalon in November 2006. It was also introduced in Australia, Canada and Middle East as well.
The Toyota Venza: This is another amazing car with features like good cargo capacity and plenty of storage nooks with better seating arrangements. It is another all-wheel drive which has got four-cylinder engine.
Though Toyota has designed all these models with great car, but it seems that it failed to gain popularity among the customers for the technologies issues. Now all we can do is hope for the best and wait for the next step that the company might plan to take.